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Tikkun Gallery was created from a decades long dream to reconstruct a dismantled Maris Studio, Inc built during the exciting "Sixties and Seventies:" era.  "Putting it all back together again"

I learned to work with pottery during that era beginning with earthenware.  The enterprise soon expanded into the wholesale world. selling to Jordan Marsh Company, Macy's Department Stores, Deerskin Trading Post, and Johnny Appleseed.  Also included were the exhibition centers :  the Prudential Center in Boston, the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, Chicago and Florida.

My travels to many countries influenced my work with bold colors, contemporary art and geometric designs used by indigenous groups.  I search out Artists and am always exploring new techniques and ideas.  Experimentation with sculpture and precious metal jewelry also intrigues me.  The quality of work produced, brings me pride in my finished product.

I happily accept special orders and will custom design for customers.


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